Angela Stacker James

Angela James is a visionary change agent, mentor, coach, facilitator, motivational speaker, intuitive consultant, energy healer, writer, coach, singer, dancer, visual artist, teacher, leader, community and educational activist and mother.

Angela merges a variety of highly effective, proven coaching and facilitation techniques with her highly intuitive abilities and fun-loving personality to offer her clients workshops, individualized intensives, private one-on-one sessions, retreats, group coaching programs and classes. She is a self-admitted, but recovering overachiever and has worked as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies for nearly 30 years. Angela has longed to trade in her corporate (not so 9-5) life to help others discover their magnificence through their unique skills, gifts and talents.

Through her own journey, Angela has created programs and intensives that allow for deep healing and transformation. She is on a mission to help as many people as she can transition from dimming their light to letting their lights shine. She believes there has never been a more important time for people to awaken to their greatness. She partners with her clients to open them up to new possibilities and opportunities that will inspire, empower, and motivate them to expand into their magnificence.

Angela has a way of steering her clients into their magnificence where their skills, gifts and talents can be used to their fullest, no matter of their current circumstances. She is enormously gifted when it comes to being able to understand human nature and motivations and has a natural instinct for knowing the value of other people and the gifts they possess.

Angela considers herself a practical visionary and naturally takes a broad view on life. She has the keen ability to look at things outside of the normal range of convention or tradition and help others to think outside the proverbial “box”. Angela has an uncanny knack for being able to recognize the skills, gifts and talents her clients have, but have not necessarily recognized because she has trained her attention to focus on details that are often easily overlooked by her clients. She provides them with innovative solutions to finding their magnificence.

Angela’s work reflects her genuine love for helping others and her understanding and compassion for their life challenges. Her sweet and loving nature lets her clients know that she really cares about their successes. She is always positive and enthusiastic and is an inspiration to everyone she encounters. Another one of her greatest gifts is her ability to live in the present moment, enjoy it and receive the most benefit from it which is truly one of the secrets to living a joy filled life.

Angela’s mission is to encourage, empower, educate and entertain others in ways that allow them to live their unique magnificence by creating their own opportunities to step out into the spotlight and letting their lights shine.

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