Brenni Larson

Brenni Larson_2 Brenni Larson is best known as the “Feng Shui Messenger” with almost 200 hours of interviews with Feng Shui specialists. November of 2012, she created and hosted the “Feng Shui Messenger Academy”, interviewing Feng Shui specialists. Listeners were given immediate action steps to enhance the energy of their environment.

By applying the tools of Feng Shui, the listeners are able to clear their energy, thus raising the vibration of their space. As you vibrate at a higher frequency, you attract like vibration. “Attention to it, Puts it on Your Plate…Abraham-Hicks”

Recently Brenni expanded into the holistic and spiritual world, gather specialist and the community, to assist her with her mission. With a background in many healing modalities, from Native American influence, to dream teacher, oracle card reader, light and grid work, Angels and Ascended Masters to Resonance Re-patterning, the universe was insisting she share it all.

Join Brenni on her mission to reach over 9 million that are in the “flow” to raise the vibration of planet!

Contact Information:
218 270 8117

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