Chandra Rohr-Chriswisser

Chandra Chriswisser is a busy woman balancing being a mother, wife, entrepreneur, educator, hairstylist and makeup artist who loves a good challenge. She believes in facing challenges and fears head on, getting them out of the way, and move forward to your dreams.

She began her career in 1998 doing what she loves making other people look and feel amazing through hair and makeup. Evolving through the years she found a love of teaching and landed a position working with Estee Lauder and Aveda to teach hair color and help other stylists reach their full potential.

In 2008 she opened `Ohana Salon in Scottsdale, AZ with a longtime friend and fellow hairstylist. She quickly learned that being a business owner is much more complicated than just coming to work and getting to play with hair and makeup all day. Chandra realized that she was going to have to evolve again and step into a new role.

In 2015 she became the sole owner of `Ohana Salon and started to re brand, going full force to really grow the business to the next level. She created a rigorous training program that consisted of perfecting the skills of her stylists in cutting, styling, and hair color. She designed a system for the guest experience making sure that all of the guests leave with a feeling of euphoria, who can’t wait to come back for their next visit. In the midst of all of this she had her first child a baby girl in 2010 never having factored children in her life plan this was a bit of a game changer, she was knee deep in a business that was her dream and unsure if she would be able to balance everything.

She knew after this baby arrived that this was her new destiny and she felt an even stronger urge to create a successful business for the future of her new baby. Having her little girl see that you can be a woman and balance a family, a successful business, and still love what you do was her new mission. When she had just started to figure out a good system for balance she had to shake things up again by having a second child, a baby boy in 2013.

Having two children was much more difficult than one, after many months of trial and error trying to figure out how to maintain everything and keep herself going, she finally got back on track. Keeping up with managing a family and such a busy life she still finds time to have adventures like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, touring around Europe, going to Disneyland, sky diving, or just relaxing at the spa.

Chandra also works on keeping herself centered through martial arts, yoga, meditation, and hanging out with her kids. She is living her life her way, leading an amazing team, running a successful business, teaching other stylists to reach their full potential, and raising a family.


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