Cindy Christi

Cindy Christi_1Cindy Christi produces inspiring content, pairs it with customized business models, irresistible calls to action and unique distribution platforms to attract world-class media alliances, sponsorships and positive change. As a media personality, producer and digital publisher who’s passionate about making a difference, She serves by designing, funding, hosting, producing, and distributing content with a focus on positive transformation, personal discovery and global contribution.

LOVE on Your Audience by Helping Them Feel Your Message:
Communication and proper messaging is vital to our success! Cindy and her team believe communication is seen, heard and felt, in that order.

LIVE for the Spotlight and Shine Baby Shine!
Walk into any room and instantly you know who the leaders are. They are the ones who carry and present themselves with ease, know who they are and what they stand for. They are the ones who have learned to relate intrinsically with whom they serve and who tell their story with honesty, passion and beauty.

GIVE Your Image a Chance to Serve You
If serving in the media as an entertainer or public figure is a part of your calling, then you already understand the critical role your image plays when it comes to your personal brand and success strategies.

Get Image Ready
Serves leaders, public figures and entertainers at heart by helping them share their stories through a variety of mediums. Whether branding thru pictures, videos, podcasts or podiums Get Ready Image prepare its clients to take to the spotlight and shine.

We Offer:
Private and Full day photo shoot events:
With hair, make up, wardrobe, wellness and presentation experts to help you Get Image Ready for your professional and personal branding materials.

Expert Training on how to:
• Dress right for your body type
• Apply flattering make up for any occasion
• Camouflage flaws while accentuating your best features
• Create fabulous hair and keep it that way
• Accessorize to win
• Take photos and rock them every time
• Achieve a radiant glowing complexion
• Increase confidence and release fear
• Minimize inflammation and water retention
• Decrease stress and increase energy
• Prepare your media press kit
• Prepare for your live interview
• Tell your story
• Host a compelling interview
• Create and monetize your own shows

If YOU make the world a better and more beautiful place, Cindy Christi wants to tell your story!

Here is a link to her Publisher’s letter “Something Beautiful” in Get Image Ready Magazine’s Inspiration Issue:

A link to an interview where she shares how and why she gives back:

And, a link to connect with her so she can become a part of YOUR success story:

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