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Fawn Cheng_1 In a day and age where first impressions can make or break a deal, Fawn Cheng, personal stylist, is our uber savvy champion of fashion and style. Since 2007, Fawn has been defending closets and wardrobes across the nation from out-of-date despair with a flair and magic that makes her clients feel fabulous, cultivated and ready to take on the world. Fawn’s philosophy on fashion and style stems from her absolute love for highlighting that which is wonderfully special about each client.

Born to a Chinese father and a Mexican mother, Fawn was exposed at a very early age to extreme differences in ideology, traditions, food and dress. Never quite feeling like she fit in, Fawn was often confused about her own uniqueness and finding her place in the world. But this struggle also planted the seed of understanding that differences are what make us beautiful and unforgettable. The delicate balance between accepting, and celebrating, what is different is the essence of Fawn’s work to this day.

After completing her college education at New Mexico State University, Fawn made her way to corporate stardom as an executive VP in sales, marketing and brand management. Here she learned to give impeccable service and 100% attention and focus to her clients’ needs. Razor-sharp competency and flawless professional presentation allowed Fawn to win over not only her customers, but her colleagues as well. “Coworkers regularly sought my advice on the latest fashion trends or how to improve their professional image,” explained Fawn. “I suddenly realized I wanted to help all men and women look and feel fabulous.

The transition to making style my full-time profession was thrilling and quite natural.” Upon leaving the business world, Fawn knew she wanted to go the extra mile for her clients and decided to provide more than the basic a la carte packages for wardrobe, make-up or hair. To expand her business offering to include career and casual wardrobe styling, personal shopping, Red Carpet styling, fashion editorials, and photo shoot consulting, Fawn pursued further education in the field of Image Consulting from the London Image Institute where she specialized in style, image, fashion, couture and tailoring.

She now provides clients with a comprehensive head to toe style analysis and recommendation of how to unveil a fresh new look that is directly aligned to their personal brand and ultimately their greatest goals. Fawn’s expertise as a personal stylist has led to regular fashion features in the media Further invitations as a speaker, blogger, and host give Fawn the incredible opportunity to reach people on a much broader scale, spreading her message to people everywhere to celebrate their own unique beauty. “I truly believe beauty comes from within,” exclaims Fawn. “How we dress and show our physical selves to the world is just an expression of that. Together we’re opening the gates to unleash the best and most brilliant part of what makes you unforgettable.”

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