Kellie R. Stone

kelliebookheadmed_1From early on, my heart told me that everything I would experience in my life, from the people I would meet to the heartbreak and trauma I would experience was to prepare me for living my purpose. During my darkest days (yes, I’ve had them too) I would remember those heart messages (more like resounding calls from a bullhorn!) Like many women, I would ask…okay, scream out the question “Why me?” as I swam through a melting pot of trauma, divorce, loss, chronic illness & self-sabotage—which I now see was leading me to the dynamic work I do today with women. Each experience empowered me to draw out the lessons and character traits I needed on my own sacred inner journey (which continues today) and to step fully into my role as a Women’s Life-Purpose Visionary and Inner Journey Strategist.

Today, I stand before all women with a message of truth and authenticity. I LOVE who I am! My deepest dream is for every woman to discover, own and bring forth her unique reason for being here and embark on an inner journey that serves her unique purpose. I am here to guide women through transformation and help them emerge above and beyond whatever holds them back from realizing their own dreams. I am guided by a deep spiritual connection to God and Universal energy, my own intuitions, and by the tools and knowledge I’ve collected along the way. It is with these influences that I’m now able to lead women to fulfilled dreams and an authentic life filled with creativity, hope, joy, and success.

In Kellie’s quest to guide women on their journey of self-discovery, she is an avid student of life. This Life-Purpose Visionary, Inner Journey Strategist, and Intuitive Energy Healer received her coaching certification through renowned spiritual life and business coach, Karen Coffey and her attunement through Reiki Master, Christine McKenna-Eartheart. You’ll discover 100s of Kellie’s published articles on her women’s global community, She has other written works on ezines; such as,,,,, and many other blogs. Her published books include, The Butterfly Payoff: a woman’s guide to defining purpose, fulfilling dreams, and getting paid for it and Are You Out of Your Freakin’ Mind? break mental barriers and live from you sacred, creative space.

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