Marianne Chalmers Talkovski

MarianneMarianne has a life-long connection to holistic health and beauty. She is a licensed acupuncturist and esthetician and currently practices in Indianapolis. She has studied Chinese Face Reading with many teachers, including Lillian Bridges, Jean Haner and Joey Yap. She has always been intrigued by what makes an individual unique and special. After battling and overcoming her own issues with body image and self-doubt, she discovered a tool that has helped recognize and honor beauty from within. She has made it her life’s work to encourage others to cultivate self-love so that they can be their happiest, healthiest, most successful selves.

Marianne gently guides individuals towards transformational insights, including recognizing personal strengths and opportunities. She is a compassionate listener with an enthusiastic kind spirit who is honored to hold space for her client’s transformation.

Here are a few benefits you receive when working with Marianne:
• Positive Transformational & Intuitive Insights to be your healthiest, happiest, most successful self
• Understanding your patterns and how they block your success
• Recognition of your gifts, what you came to do and where you are headed
• Insights on how the world sees you as fascinating
• Learning how to meet the moment through intuitive listening
• Guidance in living from compassion, kindness, & appreciation
• Understanding the benefits of seasonal living for ultimate health and wellness
• Awareness of cleansing, balancing and strengthening energies specific to you, your year and decade of life
• Help with the creation of your own personal anthem and tools on the practice of living it

Through Chinese Face Reading, Marianne’s clients repeatedly state that they truly feel special. In Chinese Medicine, “Shen” is your spirit that resides in the heart, also known as your inner-glow. Marianne’s goal is to help individuals let their Shen shine with light and love!

If you would like to schedule a reading with Marianne to gain personal insights on the story of your life, you make book with her at or become a fan on Facebook at

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