Renee Dabney

Renee Dabney_1Renee Dabney currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is the owner of The Write Bud started in 2013, which provides proofreading, editing, and creative writing services to new and middle level women business owners, speakers and coaches. She positions herself in the marketplace as a professional editor, proofreader, writer, blogger, Inspirational Content Strategist and Message Muse.

She has worked in Corporate America for a variety of companies from insurance to law firms until downsizing occurred when she was released and the entrepreneurial spirit became evident to pursue. While on this journey, she realized that she sought this entrepreneurial road many times. But her success this time comes from knowing her positioning in the marketplace. Renee says she is enormously grateful for the universal guidance, which has allowed her to discover what she loves to do, leading to her life’s purpose and creating a business brand that incorporates her core values of freedom, security, happiness, health and personal growth. She knows that where she is currently in life is where she belongs because it just feels right.

Her educational and professional achievements position her as an expert in writing and editing. She holds an Associate’s degree in Education from Community College of Philadelphia, a Bachelor’s degree in English from Cornell University, and a Master’s degree in English from Michigan State University. She’s taught high school and college level English courses, privately tutored college students as well as students who speak English as a second language, and helped to prepare high school students for the English portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Through her professional experiences, Renee noticed a challenge that many writers have, which is perfectionism. Often it is thought that the message must be grammatically correct with proper wording, punctuation and organizing of ideas before anyone can read it. She also knows that many writers feel that more education or knowledge of a particular subject is needed before they are good enough to share their message with others. But, Renee believes if a messenger waits for the perfect conditions, the much needed message will not reach the appointed audience, and a messenger’s thoughts are meant to be shared and perfectionism hinders that process.

Renee also noticed that many messengers are plagued with wanting to be accepted, understood, and liked and not wanting to ruffle anyone’s ego or personal views or beliefs with their messages. But, she believes a messenger needs to be courageous and confident and harness the necessary will power to transcend through all opposition to get their message publically exposed because it has a purpose, and all messengers are capable of achieving this outcome. Therefore, she promises to assist budding writers and messengers with budding ideas in an easy-going and energetic manner to develop their message through a completion schedule and to release them from the stress of editing.

Renee is committed to build an empire known for developing the written message that inspires, transforms and make others take action. She feels it’s her duty to create a legacy of powerful women whose passion, purpose, and desire centers around empowerment, and she’s intent on bringing this vision into reality, and do so by inspiring the womanpreneur to courageously and confidently expose her message to the public in written form, and to assist with developing her unique style so she stands out in the crowd and becomes the expert in her industry and sought after for her knowledge, wisdom and courage.

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