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Success in Beauty
Success In Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness is a roadmap designed to empower women of all ages to be more inspired, more confident and ready to take immediate action on pursuing and achieving their ideal goals, passions and dreams.

This book will touch the lives of women, adding value to women’s lives in an authentic way and creating life changing breakthroughs by enhancing their mind, body and soul.

This book will teach women how to enhance themselves, lives, and business from the inside out. It will empower women to overcome the many challenges they are facing to create an abundant and happy life they love.

As a woman and single mom of four beautiful children, I understand the challenges that women face to achieve their personal and professional goals. I also understand that women lose their hope and confidence when they are faced with challenges for creating an abundant and happy life they love when things aren’t going their way.

Different women have different feelings on what fulfillment and happiness is. Some would say it’s making more money, saving time, getting comfort, being healthier or being popular. Others would say it’s having a meaningful life. There have even been a few who have more particular answers pertaining to their personal life.

We created this book to help women no matter what their circumstances and challenges are.

Inside we reveal proven empowerment strategies for women to achieve fulfillment and happiness faster and in shorter time. It has truly been a pleasure working with these experts in our effort to make a positive change in women lives all over the world.

Introducing Success In Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness.

Wishing love, peace and happiness!!

Charlotte Howard
Award-Winning Transformational Lifestyle Coach, International Best Selling Author, Talk Show Host and Publisher

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